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Sherry offers motivational topics for your conferences or keynote event. 

Sherry is an energetic, enthusiastic keynote speaker that has a passion for helping women make choices. Drawing on her personal experiences and her knowledge as life coach, she conveys her experiences in a theatrical way for the audience.  


Courage to Climb

In Courage To Climb Sherry Shoemaker CPCC, provides audiences with the tools and motivation to boldly accomplish their personal and professional goals.

Many people struggle with making difficult decisions and finding the courage to change; her stories of endurance and triumph are thought provoking and will move your attendees from where they are today.

Her three steps of action are clear and achievable for people on all levels. With many references from her latest book Courage To Climb and coupled with her personal stories Sherry reveals that we are no  different than the person next to us and can accomplish anything we believe to achieve!Ask Sherry About her breakout session for this keynote.


Living on the Edge. 

Baby Boomers were led to believe that coloring within the lines and maintaining traditional values would safely and securely get them to their destination.  In her keynote Living on the Edge Sherry Shoemaker CPCC, a baby boomer herself, empowers audiences to shatter these and other limiting beliefs that are no longer effective for today’s time.

Sherry uses her life experiences as a catalyst for people to identify their fears and challenge themselves to do things they normally wouldn't do. She conveys 3 simple steps to help them take risks, trust their choices and persevere.


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"Your passion and strength were so evident and motivated women to push themselves"
Columbia County Chamber of Commerce, Augusta,Georgia.


"The feedback was incredible from all those that attended. We know that your message and topic will change their lives for the better. Your words of encouragement to everyone was fantastic. I can visually see the pebbles causing the ripple in the water"
Rosemarie McMenamin - GNPCC Foundation 


"I found that I can actually find my courage, get over my fears and move toward my goals!" D.l.


"Very Interactive and confident speaker!" M.S.


" Your presentation at the Legends Club was positive, energized, on target, and thought provoking. You exuded confidence".
Phillip Hare - Higher Education, Public University, Enrollment Management, Recruitment, Troy University (Augusta, Georgia)



Book Launch Presentation


Courage to Climb- 12 Women Surmount the Impossible

What does it feel like living with a husband that emotionally and physically abuses you? Are you feeling less than, scared and alone? Or you had a beautiful baby boy. He is the love of your life and before he turns 3, he dies. How do you move on? How do you get up in the morning? These are true stories of Bucks and Montgomery County women I interviewed for my book, Courage to Climb, 12 Women that Surmount the Impossible. These 12 women overcame abusive and addiction in relationships, impossible circumstances, insurmountable loss, and terminal diseases, mental illness, and breaking down professional barriers. Sherry talks about these women and what inspired her to write this book.


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Media Interviews

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Voice of Leadership interview- Sept 11


The .Scoop Radio Show WWDB 860 AM every Tuesday at 12 noon. I am a guest expect every 3rd Tuesday starting October 20,2015





Building Confidence… Taming Your Inner Voices

Aren’t we good at putting ourselves down or giving extensive reasons for why we cannot do something? (“I’m not smart enough,” “I’m not educated about that subject,” “There’s no way I can ask for that raise or position!.”) Knock that little devil off your shoulder and start listening to the angel. When you become aware of self-sabotage (and friends & relatives who mean well) you are better able to make conscious confident choices.

No More Excuses, Change Your Life

What if the only thing that was holding us back was our own thinking and perception? You will discover how you hold yourself back from the things you really want and learn how to break free from old thought patterns with six simple steps.

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Once you decide you would like to start coaching, I will send you a questionnaire. This will jumpstart our relationship and also begin the discovery process of building your dreams and visions for the future. We then create and design our "Coaching Alliance" by setting up a time for a our discovery session. I'll clarify how I can create the best program for you. We will discuss what will be expected of you and what you expect from me as we work to transform you into your best possible self!

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