Monday, May 16, 2022


"Something compelled me to call you back in March and it was the best birthday present I ever gave myself. I have not been this on track or felt so joyful as since we started working together and I began learning what I am meant to do. 
Thank you for your support".S.M.


"After my 2 sessions with you I had the confidence to interview for a few different aide positions at the interview and at the end they asked me which one I wanted!
So, I cannot thank you enough for helping me bring my feelings to the surface and get back on track doing what I really want to be doing.  You are wonderful!" M.T.


" I would recommend Sherry for anyone else that might benefit from coaching services. She is a life coach, but completely able to focus on work. Yet, because she is a life coach, those work things often flow over into the personal – the way our lives often do. There were many valuable aspects of working with Sherry such as her ability to hold me accountable, her ability to call me on things and to not just let comments slide (she honed in on those things that were barriers for me or that I just put off because they were uncomfortable for me.) "


"I think you were so engaging yesterday and I know it only touched on what you would do in the employer setting. I was so touched by the life stories you shared, and I was inspired by your spirit. It’s always so fulfilling and validating to hear how someone really does turn lemons into lemonade and, based on what you said yesterday, you seem to be queen of that. You’re wonderful, and I hope I’ll be able to work with you soon."

"My first experience working with a life coach was with Sherry. It was a great choice. She is warm, compassionate and has a great ability to bring forth the underlying issues you are struggling with, that you might not even have been aware of. I particularly loved the "envisioning exercises" we did together. They brought forth so much clarity. I would highly recommend Sherry to anyone who is looking to find their "voice" and eliminate the roadblocks that are keeping them from being their best."
Audrey, Jamison, Pa

"I have given myself the opportunity to reach my goals.  Sherry's method is smooth and thorough; gentle, yet firm.  I am slowly gaining confidence in my own decision-making abilities."
Sheila, Bucks County, PA

"Sherry is great!  She really encourages her clients to pursue their dreams.  Whether you're feeling stuck in your current situation or just need a little support, Sherry is the coach for you!"
Jessie, Doylestown, PA

"What an impressive and thought-provoking seminar (Living your Life on Purpose)! Sherry is a positive, professional, and enthusiastic facilitator who has inspired me to revisit my life goals in tandem with my prioritized values. People will find this workshop to have a significant impact regardless of their stage in life."
Joyce Martin, Hilltown, Pa

"My experience with Sherry was not only extremely positive, but also quite enjoyable. I looked forward to my sessions with Sherry. She is absolutely refreshing to confide in. Sherry provided me with insight and guidance in a comforting, confident manner"
Tracy Zawacki – Rieckert
Small Business Owner
Northern New Jersey

"Can't think of anyone that wouldn't benefit from talking with Sherry Shoemaker of Voice of Assurance. Personally, I was in a difficult place in my life because my business was growing and changing, I had just moved to a new home, and I had just had a baby. My life was moving so fast and I couldn't keep up!! Calling Sherry was the BEST thing I did for myself during that time. She helped guide me through everything I was dealing with and steer me towards solutions for my problems. She is kind, understanding, nonjudgmental, and fabulous in every way!

I wasn't sure how Sherry's coaching could help me but I was willing to work on myself and I've been enriched. I was delighted to experience a humorous, genuine poke and prod in the directions I said I wanted to go. Her style and approach were exactly what I needed. I found myself looking forward to how I would move another step further as our time together continued. I am grateful for her commitment to helping me become a better woman. Stepping outside of my comfort zone has been easier as Sherry has suggested, encouraged and walked along side of me. She has been a blessing in my journey."
Trish, Ambler

"I appreciate her helping me set goals for myself and holding me accountable to them.  Sherry is always there for me."
Wendy, Philadelphia, PA


Thank you all for supporting Sherry Shoemaker’s Courage to Climb Book Signing Wednesday evening.  What a wonderful celebration of courage and accomplishment for women in our community!

Thanks to your extraordinary generosity, we collected $855 for the Bucks County Opportunity Council!  These funds will go directly to motivated families in Bucks County who are working hard to permanently leave poverty and all welfare subsidies.  Your support will help them reach a life of economic self-sufficiency.  Stay up to date with news from the Opportunity Council by “liking” us on Facebook, “following” us on Twitter and visiting

Many thanks to Sherry for remembering those in need and graciously donating the proceeds from her book launch.  Once again, our bighearted community has come together to make Bucks County an even better place to live and work.                                                                             

Jessie Marushak

Director of Development

Bucks County Opportunity Council


Voice of Assurance - Coaching Testimonials

"Just a note of thank you for putting on the teleseminar.  Wonderful/powerful.  Certainly has my thinking power on."
Lisa, Bucks County, PA

"With her help, I have been able to re-focus on my passion for writing and have begun to pursue my dream of writing my memoirs."
Kim, Bucks County, PA

How Do I Get Started?

Once you decide you would like to start coaching, I will send you a questionnaire. This will jumpstart our relationship and also begin the discovery process of building your dreams and visions for the future. We then create and design our "Coaching Alliance" by setting up a time for a our discovery session. I'll clarify how I can create the best program for you. We will discuss what will be expected of you and what you expect from me as we work to transform you into your best possible self!

Learn more about how to start a coaching relationship.

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